Time to join thousands of Genshin users.

It is a multi-purpose and Genshin-based bot ready to enhance and boost up your Discord server
Also features ticket system, chat reviver, and a lot more fun and utility commands

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Common Features
We provide you the countless useful features in our bot!

We provide highly customizable private support channels, which we call tickets, between your staff team and individual who look for help.

Topic Generator

Try to keep your server chat engaged and active but got nothing to say? The bot issues random Genshin Impact topics to chat on constantly.

Sticky Notices

This function is especially useful when you need to tell members how to use a channel or what they need to know before going ahead and sending any messages.

Genshin Texts

Want some Genshin-styled text but don't want to dive into any graphic design software? Fischl automatically creates any texts with any color within seconds!







Commands List
We have a variety of commands in this bot that will surely make your head spin!

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